Over our 20 year history, we have trained, and worked with, many creative and committed guides. Each of them brings a unique set of talents, skills and stories. But they all have key qualities in common. They:

  • Are committed to the highest levels of safety and care for our participants and follow core outdoor education practises such as ‘challenge by choice’;
  • Embrace teamwork in everything they do;
  • Follow VA guidelines for program preparation, implementation and completion;
  • Practise the principles of participant engagement through creative activities, discussions, stories and songs;
  • Value the philosophy of ‘Guided Discovery’ to encourage participants to seek their own meaning from any of our programs;
  • Embrace the ‘Voyageur Code’; a set of 12 core tenets based on the timeless lessons of the Voyageurs for optimal personal and team performance;
  • Strive to become better as guides by reviewing their performance after every program.

Today, our family of Voyageur guides is large and widespread as our philosophy is, ’Once a Voyageur, always a Voyageur’. Many have served with us for over 10 years.

And, as fellow explorers, they also know that, should their personal or professional commitments take them away for any reason, they are always welcome to join us again when the opportunity allows. As a result, we experience immense loyalty, goodwill and community among all of our guides, past and present.

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