We are very proud of our majestic fleet of 34-foot Montreal-class Voyageur Canoes. Each weighs approximately 600 lbs and is an exact dimensional replica of those used in the 18th century on the epic 6-week journey between Montreal and Fort William on Lake Superior.

Some fun facts:

  • This is the largest fleet of 34-foot Montreal canoes in the world
  • Historically these canoes would have been made of rigid wood ribbing covered in a skin of birch bark. Today, for safety and durability, ours are constructed of multiple layers of strong, long-lasting fibreglass.
  • Each canoe can accommodate up to 19 paddlers and 3 dignitaries for a total of 22 guests. This means that, all together, our fleet of 6 can accommodate up to 132 guests. Imagine all 6 canoes rafted up while our guides entertain you with music and stories. It truly becomes a ‘Floating Village’.
  • Historically, these amazing vessels could hold up to 8,000 lbs of people and gear (trade goods and furs). That’s the equivalent of 3 Honda Civics!

On the water, you will be amazed at the performance and elegance of these freighters of the fur trade. The Montreal Voyageur canoe is one of the safest, most stable yet responsive, vessels you will ever have the pleasure of paddling.

Voyageur Adventures Fleet Unloading Canoes

For quick, efficient transport and for easy launching and reloading, each set of 2 canoes comes with its own custom-built trailer. Now that’s something the original Voyageurs would have loved to have rather than portage the big canoes!

Voyageur Adventures Fleet Towing Canoes