A river runs through them

The history of the Voyageur canoe and the Voyageurs themselves is deeply intertwined with both the French and Metis cultures. We honour that connection and strive to tell this important aspect of the Canadian story.

The French

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The music of the fur trade

Many of the the original Voyageurs were French. They were a hardy and hard-working people with a rich tradition reflected in their language, songs, stories, food and love for adventure.

They grew into a distinctly different culture from their European origins and were one of the founding cultures of what would become Canada.

The legacy and contribution of the French Voyageurs is woven like a fabric throughout our geography and history.

History should be an adventure

Our team of French speaking guides are also accomplished musicians and storytellers. This allows us to bring the story to life with a rich tapestry of songs, stories and music.

All our programs and adventures are available in French, including:

  • 1/2 day adventures
  • Full day discoveries
  • Multi-day camps & explorations

Contact us to discover the possibilities. Salut!

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The story of the fur trade is the story of the Metis

No single culture in Canada is as intertwined with the fur trade as the Metis. As a distinct culture emerging from the European and First Nations bloodlines, their role and importance cannot be under stated.

Honouring the past

Our team of Metis guides are uniquely qualified to tell this important story. They represent a strong and proud people without whom Canada could not have come into being.

Join us to hear the music, stories and legends!